You Hoop

You Hoop, We Hoop – lets all hoop together!

You Hoop can come to your school and teach both children and the teachers new hoop skills and games to help you all use hula hooping as an excellent way to get fit and healthy whilst having a lot of fun!

The You Hoop Day Package will bring 2 x You Hoop teachers to your school for a whole day, and will teach as many classes as possible in that day.  You will also get 20 x You Hoop hoops for the school to keep.   This only costs £400!  Please call or email for more information.



The weight and size of the hoop is vital, most children and adults can’t use regular shop-bought hoops as they are too small and light! FYI – The bigger the hoop, the easier it is to use. With You Hoop hoops we find all those who have never managed to keep it up, finally can!

You Hoop workshops vary in skill and difficulty, making the sessions suitable for all ages, from Year 1 to the teachers!


  1. 1 day workshop (8 classes) plus 20 hoops for the school to keep = £500
  2. 2 days plus above = £750

*We can vary our programmes and prices upon request
*For family/community festivals and events please go to the EVENTS page.

 Some of the Schools we have previously visited!